Bex Haywood

I have 3 main thought processes as a trainer;

  1. Being the entertainment factor, are you enjoying yourself? Do you want to do it? Does it make you feel good?
  2. Is injury prevention and injury rehabilitation. You shouldn't have to accept pain, do all that you can to minimize it and protect yourself from it in future.
  3. Achieving goals! Of any size, length or difficult, anything can be done if you want it bad enough!.
My personal background with health and fitness has always had a sport background. Was a swimmer as a youngster then as a teenager I enjoyed training more than swimming, got into bodybuilding then got more competitive in the gym than on a stage. Through my own desire to be stronger I fell into the world of Powerlifting. It is a constant goal of mine to be stronger than yesterday, the drive that you can get from achieving goals is powerful, I will always encourage others to find their own goal through training and be there to do all I can to help.