Reformer Pilates 

Reformer Pilates is contemporary approach to focusing on correct posture, body placement and injury management, all integrated into a strength training workout to optimize overall physical health. Genesis Reformer Pilates will provide a more holistic approach to your training and can be combined with your current routine whether that be weight training, running, sports specific or even Crossfit.

Reformer Pilates is low impact and easy on the joints, yet provides a challenging and highly effective workout. The Reformer’s many attachments allow you to modify intensity and provide additional exercises, beyond what can be performed in a mat-based Pilates class. Benefits of Reformer Pilates include increased muscular endurance, increased body awareness, core strength, improved posture, flexibility and breathing, all while creating a lean body.

Timetable and pricing

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
    6AM   6AM  
7AM 7AM starts soon 7AM 7AM starts soon 7AM  
9AM   9AM   9AM 9AM 
10AM 10AM 10AM 10AM 10AM 10AM
  6PM   6PM    
7:15PM   7:15PM      

Casual Reformer Class: $39

Concession card: 5 classes $145.00 ($29 per class) 
Single class: $39.00 

Introductory session*: $75.00
Private Session: $75.00

*If you are new to Reformer Pilates, the introductory session will teach you correct and safe technique, and how to activate the targeted muscles to ensure you benefit from the classes. This session is run as one to one personal training.

Please call 09 520 3455 or email for more information and to book.