Exercise Support

Fitness Consultants

Our friendly Fitness Consultants are on staff during all open hours. This makes them available to help all members with adjusting and renewing workout plans, helpful advice when you need it, or just a general push when you’re feeling flat or un motivated.

We can help with:

  • Strength and Functional Programming
  • High Intensity Cardio, getting you fit quick
  • Mobility and Core training
  • High speed weight loss goals

This service is complimentary so BOOK NOW!! Getting the most out of your training is what we are here for.

To book an appointment, simply just ask at reception or one of the consultants on the floor.


Personal Trainers

Click here to see our personal trainers

Personal training is synonymous with the saying ‘helping and supporting you to reach your fitness goals’, but it really is so much more than this.

Words such as goals, fitness, size, weight, health, motivation, love, and even hate may spring to mind.

And, yes, these terms definitely explain part of what investing in a personal trainer is all about.

Yes, your personal trainer will give you a food diary and personalised training program to follow, check and re-evaluate this plan to give you further goals to achieve. They’ll program in special personal circumstances, record and track your results, and share with you to help maximise these results.

They’ll be a motivational and inspirational person, consistently challenging you to reach your sporting pinnacle. They are someone who can teach and coach you exciting exercises and how to perform them correctly, and can sometimes even act as your unofficial therapist.

They are all of these things, but also so much more.

For a realistic training assessment to give a no BS plan call or email the gym today.