We have updated our Covid-19 regulations for the Traffic Light System. Click here to see our FAQ

Covid-19 FAQ

Covid 19 Protection Framework - Latest information for Covid-19 Regulations

Updated: 3rd December 2021

In the orange and red light settings, gyms can open if they are a vaccinated facility. In the green setting, gyms that do not request a vaccine pass will have limitations on capacity. Genesis Fitness will operate at all levels of the Covid Protection Framework, meaning we will be a fully vaccinated facility when the traffic light system begins. In accordance with the mandate all staff and members will need to be fully vaccinated to be on site. You will have to show your vaccine pass to enter the facility.
The new traffic light system comes into effect Friday December 3rd which means we can open on this date from 5:30am.
My Vaccine Pass is the official Ministry of Health system that records your Covid-19 vaccination status. You can read more information here
Upon entry the staff will ask for your Vaccine Pass, they will scan your pass using the NZ Pass Verifier app. We may also ask for your drivers license for verificationWe will ask for your permission to store your vaccination status onto our database so we won’t need to ask for your pass each time.
If you choose not to be vaccinated, you can pause your membership for up to 6 months. If you want to cancel your membership due to your choice to not be vaccinated please e-mail info@genesisfitness.co.nz
Yes you will need to wear a mask when you are not exercising (ex: walking into the facility, in the changing rooms, waiting for a class to begin). These need to be medical grade face masks or a fabric face mask. A scarf or t shirt wrapped around your face will not be permitted The social distance in the red light setting is 1m.
Once we enter the new traffic light system we will reinstate all memberships that have been on hold. If you wish to continue your hold you will need to fill a new suspension form and submit to administration