Class Descriptions

MC2 Max Circuit

Using our functional training equipment, in 25 minutes, you will achieve: MAX CARDIO and MAX STRENGTH but most important - MAX RESULTS! This is the perfect class for new gym members or beginners, with a maximum of 5 people in the class. YOU CAN’T LOSE!


These classes are derived from the Cross-Fit method and are designed to give you high fitness results in the minimum time possible. Just 45 minutes means it slots into any schedule. Incorporating plyometric and functional strength training means it’s always original and not boring! If you want a new challenge and don’t mind working hard, we have the goodies in this class for sure.

Cross Circuit

A resistance and cardio class exclusive to the Octane elliptical trainers specially designed to increase cardiovascular fitness, endurance, reduce body fat as well as giving your muscles a good coaster shot of toning and power. The Octane’s adjustable cardio intensity and Power Block weights tailor to different fitness levels so this class is suitable for anyone of any fitness.

Prana Yoga

Feeling tight & stressed? Prana Yoga is a dynamic stretch class which gracefully synchronizes breathing & movement to promote a flexible & functional body. Treat yourself….you deserve it.

Core 360 Pilates

This mat PILATE’s class involves combination of core controlled movements to help sculpt long, lean muscles & promote functional strength for healthy everyday living. Great overall core stability class.

B.A.T Tone

This class focuses exclusively on the sculpting those “problem areas” of the lower body; burn calories and increase fitness and strength, all while toning your butt. Abs & thighs! In this 30 minute class. Be prepared to feel your muscles burn - in all the right places!


BoxFit will give you an intense upper body blast using boxing bags, and functional training equipment. Learn boxing techniques in a non – intimidating and fun environment! Box Fit is a fun for all fitness levels and abilities (participants are encouraged to bring own gloves and wraps for hygiene reasons.

Active Fit

Active Fit is an outdoor training, which includes a combination of dynamic cardio drills and explosive resistance training. Think a boot camp styled class utilising premium equipment to optimise your training. This class is what you need to reach your new fitness level!

Reflex Barbell

Give the weights programme a break and join a class designed to test muscular endurance & burn! High repetition resistance class with an instructor pushing you all the way to maximise your weights workout & enjoy it! No experience required, just be prepared for a great workout!

Cadence Indoor Cycling

This interval based cycling class is designed to improve cardiovascular fitness, reduce body fat, strengthen & tone lower body. If you want to burn some serious calories this class is for you!